Revolutionary change in Panchkarma therapy made to do extensive research to produce a bed which covers less space and serves many purpose. After many years of exploration the unique model is now available in very comfortable size and reasonable price.
Ayurveda originated in Himalayas and then migrated to North east ward, South-east and west. Himalaya is still ready to lead the path. The bed may be fitled in Ayush clining in a limited where treatment may be administered.

The bed is a registered and patented
Accessory Reg. No. – 2337580
Patent pending No. – 1387874

It serves for purposes :-

1. As Inspection purpose.
2. As massage table.
3. As steamy equipment for “Swedan”.
4. As Shirodhara table.
5. As Body Sechan table.
6. Enema (Vasti) Table.
7. Aromalogy table.
8. In Emergency sleeping table and many more.

It’s parts are foldable and may be transported easily from one Center to another. Look-wise this is beautiful and sturdy. The paint is water resident and Canopy water proof. Minimum life five years but may continue to be used for longer period.
The bed has all modern amenities, temperature regulation system, oil, which we are producing, is cheaper then costly oils, may be recirculated to avoid wastage and spoilage. Aroma-therapy may be administered on the same table. Thermoregulatory are fixed to spread the steam to a vast area, below to table products may be stored viz. Oil, clothes etc. may be folded to make room for other essential activities in the clinic.

Therapist need some training that may be arrange on a very reasonable fee.