Dr. Vinod (P) Upadhyay

Ex. Professor/Principal

Ras Sashtra and Bheshaj Kalpana Vibhag

Himalayiya Ayurvedic Medical College

Fatehpur Tanda, PO. Doiwala, Dehradun-249204

  1. Drug = A Drug is any chemical agent which affects living protoplasm and is intended for use in the treatment, prevention or diagnosis of disease. The Word “drug” is derived from the French word “Drogue” means “a dry herb”.
  1. Herbs have been an integral part of Indian Health Care System.

From Vedas to Ayurveda Herbs have been used from single poly herbs recipes.

  1. At latter stage (in 9th Century AD) Metals were incorporated but very differently :
  2. Organo-metallic compound
  3. Organo-metallic Complex
  • Metalloid

This is the form in which minerals and metals were charge through purification potentiation calainatior or Roast or Bhasmikaran.

  1. In Satya Yog : Soma The divine drink of immortality was the drink of Aryans.

In Treta Yog : ved and Post Veda period Sanjivani Booti has been depicted.

In Dwapar Post Veda period : Kalpvriksha, Mandar, Brahamkamal arre well described for health and rejuvenation.

  1. Shruti Period which does not have any recoed but were present in the mind of the scholars (Aapt Purensh). The knowledge transferred from Guru (teacher) to shishy (Disciple) which was later depicted on walls and symbols.

As they dwelled in forests, there was not and difficulty to identify herbs. This is the reason the description is very brief.

  1. Division of plant species
  2. Benthem – hooker
  3. Engler – Prantel

But that of Vedas :

  1. Salsa radigan Sushrut 1000 BC
  2. Jivniya gan (Chark) 2000 BC

In Vedas : rigveda is considered to be the oldest repository of human knowledge has number of plants for eradication of dieases.

Atherveda of later period has charms and metals for as Medicare. Controlled and balanced life style; No much disease.

  1. Preventive
  2. Curative system. Using Herbs.
  1. Some strange plants
  2. Hohoba-Joyoba
  3. Paulinia Cupana
  • Chemomila
  1. Africa
  2. Cats Claw ; Herpagophytam Procumbens
  3. Aarogya Pacha
  • Yarsa gumba
  • Cordyseps sinensis
  1. Boa boa African plant
  1. Churning of ocean of knowledge divine “Soma’ ambrosia of life “Amrit”.

Drink of Ancients –

  1. Soma
  2. Cola – C.nitida
  • Cocoa
  1. Invention of Quinine connotes of Perce
  1. Chiktsa – Part – I
  2. Yukti,
  3. Daiv
  • Satvavajay
  1. Chiktsa – Part – II
  2. Ayurveda
  3. Folklore Medicine
  • Tribal medicine
  1. Grand Mother Recipe
  2. Which Craft – Dr. Sareen
  • Angelica Glanca
  • Angelicin
  • Selinum Vaginature
  • Valerian Wallichi
  • Nardostachy

Reason of scarcity

Endangered – Demand

Which not grow

  1. Sespentina


  1. Imported plants :
  • Chop Chini – Smilax
  • Yama Sakura
  • Giuseng
  • Yohomba
  • Amrita – Neither die nor allow

Garden :


Kitchen Garden

Environment Tree

Social Forestry