• Trees are the best natural defense system against air pollution.


High School :
With Science Stream from UP Board, Allahabad in the year 1961

With Science Stream from UP Board, Allahabad in the year 1963

Bachelor in Science:
Bio-Science Group from Agra University in the year 1965.

B.A.M.S. Ayurvedacharya
From Kanpur University in the year 1972. (All Subject mentioned in CCIM Syllabus)

Doctor of Naturopathy (N.D.)
Naturopathy and Yoga from Distance Education, Gorakhpur School of Natural Therapeutics in the year 1972.

Topic: Lankesh Krit Ark Prakash ka Sampadan Evem Samiksha in the year 1995.

Dr. vinod upadhyay


Reader Designate (Ex. Senior Lecturer)

Ras Sashtra and Bheshaj Kalpana Vibhag

Govt. Ayurved College Gurukul Kangari


Ex. Professor/Principal

Ras Sashtra and Bheshaj Kalpana Vibhag

Himalayiya Ayurvedic Medical College Fatehpur Tanda,

PO. Doiwala, Dehradun-249204

Research Experience:

  • Initiated Research on Soma : The Divine drink of immortality in the year 1972.
  • Initiated Research on Sanjivani Booti : The Himalayan Herbs for resuscitation in the year 1978.
  • Folklore Medical Claim in Shivalik Area in the year19.
  • Phyto-Analysis at NBRI (CSIR) Phytochemistry Division in the year1983.
  • Pharmaceutical Lab. Of Indian Medicine, Govt. of India, Ghaziabad in the year1992.


  • The Society of Ethno- botanists, Lucknow in the year 1992.
  • Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Haridwar in the year 1995.


  • Collection, Identification and Herbarium maintenance at State Ayurvedic College, Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar under the guidance of Dr. I.S. Jetly.
  • Identification of around 1,00,000 Plants along with adulterants of Bharat, USA, Europe, Japan, Africa and South America. Guided by Dr. I. S. Jetley.
  • Worked on Folklore claims of Shivalik Area.
  • Healing Touch Award from Aveda Corporation, USA.
  • Gold Medal from Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences, Haridwar.

Board Member (Hon.):

  • American Biographical Institute, U.S.A.
  • Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust, Ayurvedic Centre, Swami Ram nagar, Jolly Grant Dehradun.
  • Academic council member, Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar.
  • Swami Ram Nishkam Karma yoga Trust.

Member :  (Life member):

  • Indian Red Cross Society
  • Indian Pharmaceutical Association, Mumbai
  • Indian Science Congress Association, Calcutta
  • International Heart Research Society
  • Indian Academy of Environment Sciences
  • Society of Ethno-botanists, LKO
  • Ayurved Mahasammelan, Delhi
  • Vishwa Ayurved Parishad
  • A.S.T.A.M., India
  • Society of Pharmacognosy, U.S.A. (Applied) in the year 2016.
  • Institute of Naturopathy, Italy

Other Research Projects if any:

  • Herbal Cosmetics, Research started in the year 1972 (First of its kind in India)
  • Research on Aroma therapy

Research Publication:

  • More than 10 Articles published in National and International Journals.
  • Genera, about 100 in different magazine and journals.

Research on Divine Plants:

  • Soma- The Divine Drink of Immortality in the year 1972.
  • Sanjivani Booti, work started in the year 1978.

Other information (if any):

  • Native of Uttarakhand.
  • Father was a Freedom Fighter.
  • State Govt. pensioner.
  • Registered with Indian Medicine Board, Uttarakhand No.UK02807.