• ‘The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.’

  • Most Ayurvedic home remedies are a blend of commonly used herbs and spices to cure common symptoms or prevent any ailment.

  • Ayurvedic herbs are a component of Ayurvedic medicine which is founded on the understanding that illnesses are due to a weakness in the body..

Welcome To Herboved Foundation India

World over Ayurveda is known as science of life, knowledge about life and longevity. If we go a little deeper Ayurved is the methodology to establish harmony among the body, mind, soul and the environment. This ensures that Ayurveda is a holistic science with colossal relationship with nature. Our aim as Ayurvedic healer is just to maintain this harmonious relationship through different means. Thus Ayurveda may be associated with various aspects in human life, How to lead a healthy long-life free from disease and infirmity? What we are doing to maintain this balance? How to keep our relations intact with Mother Nature without disturbing the balance, while we fulfill our all requirement from her? One possible reply of all questions is “Sustainable use of Bio-diversity and replenish them properly.”

Ayurveda and We..

Ayurveda originated in Himalayas and propagated to all around east, west, south, to other nearby countries, beyond seas. It is modified to it’s form in south India but the supernatural environment in Himalayas is able to do the Kayakalp. The sacred water, divine herbs, churning of herbs, metals and minerals with the water made the Ganga’s water sacred and divine. We are using Himalayan herbs and Ganga’s water to potentiate our products.

Ayurvedic Complete Range

In beginning we are making regularly required products. It is a plan to increase the range on demand. 

Lotion, Ointment and Creams: Mentioned as Siktha-tel in classical text , this is the form of emulsion mentioned in ancient literature.

Our Traditional Background

Our group is born and brought up in the traditional families in Himalayas. The tradition is inherited, it is neither acquired nor borrowed. Thus we assume the great responsibility on our shoulders to sustain and transfer the great treasure securely to our next generation. Being a part to the lineage of Maharshi Bhardwaj, who was ordained in to the divine knowledge of Ayurveda and transferred it to his disciples for the welfare of humanity. It is our earnest duty to maintain the virtues infused in us through the tradition. The concept of Himalik is based on the teaching of our ancestors. Late Vaid Thakur Datt alias Natharam Bhardwaj, who was born in a traditional family of Uttaranchal , was a Freedom fighter and a ‘Sarvodaya’ activist. He is the prime force behind the upcoming of ‘Himalik Herbs India’. Being the successor of a Freedom fighter we are again bound to honor the values established by our mentor.

Above all the blessings of Gurudev Swami Rama and his disciples , are the backbone of our distinct workmanship. It is true that Hon. Dr. Indrasen Jetly, a teacher in reality, taught us how to achieve perfection

Gurudev Swami Rama

Gurudev Swami Rama

helping to enrich environment and people

How we are helping to enrich environment and people ?

  1. We are doing our own organic farming in Himalayas. No insecticide, no pesticide, no chemical manure, thus a healthy environment & natural herbs.
  2. The bi-products from our manufacturing are non-toxic effluents, which don’t pollute water sources, soil or air. Thus a pollution free environment.
  3. We are helping to check soil erosion? The roots help to check soil erosion and providing green cover to the fragile as well as soil fixation through deep root system.
  4. Arrangements are being made to recycle the residues and packaging to prevent pollution and take care of environment.
  5. In our product line we are not using any toxic metals. The Herbal products are potentiated to become more powerful and fast acting. All environment friendly technologies are adopted.

Other Specialities

Aamla Preparations:

Aamla is a divine gift of mother nature to mankind. Recent identification of Emblican-A and Emblicanin-B by Prof. S. Ghoshal et al-19 B.H.U., Varanasi confirm the rejuvenating properties of Aamla mentioned in ancient classical literature, charak samhita beyond 1000BC.

Aamla Fruit:

Beside Aamla Murabba-gem, Aamla preserved in sugar, Aamla fruit is now very much in vogue. Dehydrated and stuffed with less sugar then murabba, it is more convenient to use, carry and store. New methods of preserving protect all essential ingredients.

Chyavanprash: Official Product:

  1. It is sweet and sour.
  2. It is tasty and tingling.
  3. It is hot and cold.
  4. It is grainy and smooth.
  5. It is tonic and rejuvenating.
Aamla Fruit

Ask by name It is Himalik Chyavanprash

The peculiarity of the herbs is that like human being they also need natural environment to grow, both have cellular structure. Many synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides have done irreparable loss to the health of vegetation, environment and human being. Mutants and abnormalities are developed in the plants also. There is a hypothesis that the pesticides and chemicals have toxic effect on human DNA resulting in the change of habits, behaviour and bad impact on human relations. This change is not good for the society. Thus our social reformers are propagating Yoga-meditation and natural life style with natural remedies grown organically.

Our team is working to create awareness in Himalayas. We are working with SRIVERM a group of nature loving people and creating respect for human relation. The group is propagating the teachings of Gurudev Swami Rama of the Himalayas. For this humanitarian work Mr. Horst Rechelbacher founder of AVEDA corporation & Intelligent Nutrients has offered generous support. The object is:-

  1. Poverty alleviation through generation of employment.
  2. Enrichment of poor hill folks through organic farming of herbs.
  3. Community involvement in promotion of positive health.
  4. Training to local people in scientific methods of herb cultivation and collection.
  5. Avoid mediators to help the growers of herbs and aromatic crops for better return of their harvests.

To fulfill this object “Herbal village of Uttaranchal” are being developed through help from Khadi and Village industry and various beneficial schemes of state and central government.

Sugar, Oil, Gum, Resin are nature’s own preservatives which are utilized in syrups, tablets and powders to protect and preserve the properties of herbs. In syrups the preserving power of sugar is utilized while in tablets, powder is made in to a compact mass with the help of gum-resin. When very essential, organic preservatives are used in very moderate quantity.